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Maison Louis Latour

A creator of fine wine in Burgundy, France, since 1797.  With two centuries of experience and family tradition, we craft only the most elegant wines that are perfectly balanced and rich in complex flavors born from their unique and distinguished terroir, or the character of the land. Using Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, our winemakers imprint each wine with an individual style found in the great terroirs of Burgundy.

Over 200 years of history

Founded in 1797, Maison Louis Latour has survived the ages and has become a natural custodian of Burgundy's traditions. Authentic and determinedly independent, the House has always made it a point of honor to remain family-owned. Each generation has worked hard to preserve the company's unique heritage while ensuring the future with an ambitious and visionary spirit.

Our History

The largest ​​Grand Cru owner in Burgundy

Domaine Louis Latour covers 48 hectares of vineyard, including 27 hectares of Grand Cru, and is the largest holding of Grand Cru vineyards in Burgundy. The domain is centered in the village of Aloxe-Corton, which has been Latour's family home since the creation of the house.

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Sustainable viticulture

Since the early 1990s, Maison Louis Latour has actively practiced sustainable viticulture and worked to preserve the ecosystems and biodiversity of their vineyards. Christophe Deola shares this vision and is actively following and developing the work already put in place by his predecessors. It is in this spirit that Maison Louis Latour chose to practice traditional viticulture techniques, where care of the soil is essential to allowing the vines to grow in the best conditions. Several examples of our commitment to preserving the ecosystem are the use of cover crops between rows, the production of our own compost, and alternative non-chemical pest control measures.

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Handcrafted Barrels

Handcrafted and made in house with French Oak. Learn about Louis Latour's cooperage, or barrel making.


Over the last two centuries, Maison Louis Latour has set an ideal of perfection in our winemaking.

Our History

With over two centuries of stories to tell, making a short timeline wasn't easy. Read about the major points in our history.

Our People

Meet the people that bring you the best wine all the way from Burgundy, France