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Louis Latour Wines

Our red wines are refined, elegant and distinguished, thanks to finely judged winemaking that extracts fruit and tannins in perfect balance. We seek to bring out the delicate qualities of Pinot Noir with all its subtle aromas.

Our white wines are structured, rich and well-balanced, revealing their terroir through the power of the Chardonnay whilst retaining a touch of acidity to deliver freshness and aromatic complexity. When making white wines, balance is our obsession.

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Handcrafted Barrels

Handcrafted and made in house with French Oak. Learn about Louis Latour's cooperage, or barrel making.


Over the last two centuries, Maison Louis Latour has set an ideal of perfection in our winemaking.

About Us

Discover our rich heritage and delve into the captivating story of our winery spanning two centuries.